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could you please get in contact with me on discord to get your steam key for placing 9th? :) thx

As the other person said, if you can't see enemies in the blackspace, the game is really hard in a bad way...

Other than that, cool game. I would make it a bit faster though

I like the idea of the gameplay, but its rather luck based since you can only see the enemies if you can move in that space, yet there are always times where you have to wait in a small area while waiting for the bar to recharge

also I wasn't able to run this in firefox, it only worked on edge (I don't have chrome installed).


Really fun game and a cool concept! I wish there wasnt a max score though. If you added powerups or something it could be even more fun! If you want you can play my and Mr.FluffyFoley's game here:

Thanks! for the feedback. I would had explored and added new things, but due to time constraints I thought this was enough. :']